Teaching and training, one of the four IG functions, has always been a major strength of the Army IG system. Accordingly, training of all military and Civilian Inspectors General, as well as many IGs from Department of Defense agencies, other services, Federal departments, and international partners, has remained a top priority within the Inspector General Agency. The Army Inspector General School continually adapts in order to remain relevant and to maintain the IG System's high standards.

The school provides a variety of instruction designed to prepare Inspectors General and support personnel for their specific duties and responsibilities. The Inspector General School offers two different types of resident courses. The first course, the three-week Inspector General Basic Course, trains and qualifies all Army IGs for duty at every level of command. The second course, the one-week Inspector General Advanced Course, is designed to provide serving uniformed and Civilian Army IGs with more focused, complex instruction on the IG functions while further developing each IG's critical-thinking and writing skills.



The United States Army Inspector General School is the armed forces' recognized, world-class Inspector General educational institution that provides prospective Inspectors General from the Army, other services, and other nations with sound, fundamental Inspector General skills and then sustains those skills through in-service, follow-on education.


The U.S. Army Inspector General School is located on the second floor of Humphreys Hall, Building 247, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is located at the intersection of Gaillard Road and 21st Street.

Mailing Address:

United States Army Inspector General School

5500 21st Street, Suite 2305

Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060-5935


Comm: 703-805-3900

DSN: 655-3900