TIGS eJournal

TIGS eJournal

Welcome to the U.S. Army Inspector General School's eJournal!

The purpose of TIGS's eJournal is to establish a professional forum through which primary instructors at the school may communicate recent trends in their respective functions, test new ideas or techniques, provide information on emerging or changing Army policies, or offer experiential insight into the conduct of the IG functions.

TIGS's eJournal is organized into three separate categories: Inspections, Assistance, and Investigations. Each category has a hyperlink next to the title with the instructor's position. Clicking on this link will allow readers to communicate with the author directly via email. Readers may ask questions about the posted article, provide feedback, or offer other ideas. The instructors will compile this input over time and post it under their respective functional categories as necessary.

All users of TIGS's eJournal may provide general feedback about the journal's contents or organization by clicking on the contact link below.

Inspections (Contact the author by clicking here: Inspections instructor)

The Deputy Inspector General: What is it that you do here? (posted 24 Ocober 2019)

A Practical Guide to Conducting Intelligence Oversight Inspections (posted 11 March 2016)

The Rear Division-Installation IG (posted on 1 October 2015)

Coordinating IG inspections at Division / Installation Level (posted on 3 Nov 2015)

Assistance (Contact the author by clicking here: Assistance instructor)

The Privacy Act, IG Confidentiality, and the Question of Consent (posted 30 March 2017)

Is the Complaint Inspector General Appropriate? (Posted 28 June 2016)

Investigations (Contact the author by clicking here: Investigations instructor)

Guest Article:
Lack of Housing Allowance for Reserve-Component Soldiers Attending Long-term Training (Contact the author by clicking here: Command IG, Maryland ARNG) Posted 27 October 2016